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Reflexology ,  foot/hand massage 


Reflexology is a technique using compression and manual stimulation to specific points on the body, typically feet and hands, that have reflexes to other areas and organs of the body.


 Possible funtional and symptomatic results can occur such as:

  •  Easing muscle contraction and spasms--headaches, constipation and cramps.

  •  Soothing neuropathy and other neurological disorders.

  •  Calming joint and bone soreness from arthritis, injuries, or fatigue.

  •  Increasing circulation, bringing fresh vitality.


Manipulation and massage of the feet seem to make the whole body feel more relaxed and revitalized!


 Pressure is modified to the individual for comfort and benifical results.


 Reflexology treatments can be added for an intregrated session or can stand alone as a treatment choice.


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