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Comfort-oriented sessions are tailored to individuals of all ages for the safest and most beneficial results, combining Eastern and Western approaches.


Therapeutic Massage - gently relaxes the body with varying degrees of pressure using organic oils, healing lotions and/or essential oils to reduce stress, anxiety and discomfort.


Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) - a very gentle modality that enhances the immune system and assists in reducing swelling and discomfort due to lymphedema, surgery, injuries, poor circulation, or neuropathy, safely adapting for each situation.


Oncology/Medical Massage - adapts massage to safely nurture body, mind and spirit modifying for: emotional and physical vitality, peripheral neuropathy and other neurological disorders;  low blood cell counts; blood clots, bone metastases or fraility; radiation or surgery; removal of lymph nodes; medications or medical devices. Sessions may include reflexology; acupressure points;  warm stones; energetic work (i.e., Reiki; Craniosacral holds; Polarity);  MLD;  relaxation techniques; breathing and visualization methods; and stretching techniques.


Skilled touch supports individuals during and after medical treatment and assists in enhancing quality of life.


Reflexology and foot/hand massage - eases fatigue, stimulates circulation and may help relieve neuropathy, pain, constipation and muscular discomfort.


Warm Stones - enhances treatments, relaxes muscles, calms the nervous system and infuses oils in areas of the body.

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